Useful Tips for Keeping the Carpets Clean for Longer

Carpets play an important role to give any place an immaculate and elegant finishing. They are available in different colours and textures, giving you a wide range of variety top choose from. One place you can get carpets is this carpet fitters Worthing. No doubt that they are expensive but if taken care of properly can last a long time.

However, it is not easy to keep them looking spotless for very long. Over a period of time, they are bound to get covered in stains and drops from countless things. The ones laid out at homes of toddlers suffer an even worse fate. After a few years, the carpets show clear markings of dried out stains of almost everything from the kitchen, paints and what not.

Getting the carpets washed is not easy. You can’t move furniture and take it out for a wash every couple of months only to hire help to come and assist you in putting it back again.


Tips to keep the carpets clean

Following are few of the tips that will help you keep your carpet looking clean for a longer period of time.

Blot the stains: In case you get a stain on your carpet, do not try to rub it off. This would only smear it to a longer area and make matters worse. Instead, stop it from spreading and try to blot the stain with a wet paper towel. Make sure you get it off as much as you can with this method.

Household products as carpet cleaners: In case you fail to get a stain off, do not panic or rush to buy an expensive carpet cleaner. You will be surprised how much of help the everyday use products can be of.

  • The most common carpet cleaner that you can find at home is a shaving cream. Foam some of it on the stain and leave it on for a little while before trying to blot it away.
  • Chewing gums can be used to get sticky stains off the carpet. Stick and freeze chewing gum on the stain with the help of ice cubes and let it stay for a while. Take it off and see the stain coming off with it.
  • To get wax stains off the carpet try to heat it gently. But make sure you do not heat or iron the carpet directly. Use some soaking paper or towel in between to soak the stain and prevent the carpet from getting burnt.
  • Use a mixture of cleaning detergent and vinegar to make a carpet cleaner at home. Try cleaning your carpets with this liquid for any stain before going to spend on a carpet cleaner.
  • Most importantly, vacuum your carpets regularly to prevent dust from seeping deep in the fabric.

Carpets may give a neat over all finishing to any place but hey require regular maintenance and deep care. These tips will help you in keeping them clean before seeking out help from professionals.



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