How To Play With Colors When Designing Your Space

Some people are afraid to play with colors when it comes to designing their space. We suggest to not be intimidated by them and simply mix and match. The trick is to embrace the freedom of colors that could create character in your space whether it’s big or small. But okay, if your space is wide and huge, playing with colors should be easy. But if you have a really tiny space, we suggest keeping it minimal. But it doesn’t mean that you completely eliminate them in your room, it would still be good to have at least a touch of color in a plain tiny space.

The first thing that you need to do if you don’t want to be paying for an interior designer for consultation, go to a nearest hardware store and get some sample paint colors that they have if you want to change your wall colors. Now if you don’t want that and you just want your walls in plain white color, you can always throw in colors coming from your furniture and from your little materials like frames, lamps and other stuff that you don’t need to be mounted on the wall.

You can also throw in some colors to your space with paintings on the wall. If you have the gift of doing abstract painting, work on an empty canvass and just feel free to throw in the colors that you want. You can always get some ideas online or whenever you go out and check out nature and even museums where you can get some inspiration. This is what the best part of decorating your house or space and trying to put color in it and it’s the fact that you could just throw in your creative energy in there.

Here is another idea if you want to give your house some colors and it’s to have an empty with different colors on. Just go crazy with it. You will feel a little bit liberated after doing it because that’s what art is supposed to do to you anyway. Make you break free. Now we don’t want you to do that to your entire house. Just get a wall piece for it and have it limited in one area. But hey, if you really want to do it to your entire space, go ahead. Just make sure that the colors and their form and figure still look artistic.

Never be afraid to bring color to your life. Your house would be look more vibrant and it would bring some sort of warmth when you have them. It is not advisable to just have your house in pure black and white. That could be really boring. It is best to break it sometimes with colors even if it’s just a little bit of them. You can have your couch in white or back and you can always throw in some red pillows on them to break the monotony. That’s just another good idea.

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