About Us

Green Refurb is a London based interior design practice that is international. We’re an award winning design practice, and have already been designing offices, houses, boats, private jets and amazing interior hotels from South East of England and across the planet for thirty years. Using sensible-design answers to solve the most complex jobs.

An interior decorator can’t be an interior designer although an interior designer also can decorate. Green Refurb’s great standing has been carved by it to the South East on previous outcomes of numerous jobs to global.

Additional services from third party specialist contractors are created ensuring a built-in procurement. Services including AC, elevators and technology wiring is easier to incorporate when interior designers and contractors have a working connection and every work. Green Refurb interior designers are trained in third
party abilities and contractor responsibilities that impact on design setups. This uncommon blend provides the practice using an exceptional knowledge and fit-out contracts to work effortlessly preventing malfunction.

Interior design is a whole lot more than appointments and fixtures, an excellent designer creates a space that’s safe and comfortable for the people that inhabit it to move in. When coupled using team and build qualified interior designers, craftsmen and contractors, a complete alternative will be provided by Green Refurb Serices. GR interior design practice additionally provides hands on budget management resulting in a joyful and successful conclusion. Thirty years experience empowers us to get it right.